Revolution Re-Opening Party!

Revolution bar and nightclub has always had a strong presence in the night life industry in the UK, so when they came to us looking to amplify their footprint on their Saturday nights - we knew it would be an explosive collaboration! Revolution Cambridge had a refurbishment done and wanted to have an epic re-launch night. They went all out and ordered a pornstar martini fountain - yes, a fountain full of cocktails! And a new TV selfie wall to add a great foundation for an instagrammable event. This is where we came in - we brought in 5 dancers, a dancing monkey character and shot girls to add that much more to the profits for the evening!

That night alone has brought in hundreds of fun, exciting content to fill up all their social media platforms for years to come - but it doesn't stop there. We are at Revolution x Saturdays every week bringing creative costumes, killer entertainers, dancers and strong selling shot sellers to amp up every weekend to it's highest potential for every thing night life and marketing.

Invasion Angels continues to be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to everything staffing and entertainment with our handpicked talent team.

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