St. David's Day with the Slug and Lettuce

To get into the Welsh spirit and give back to the people of Cardiff, Invasion Angels teamed up with the Slug and Lettuce to make everyone's day a bit brighter! We brought in two of our amazing promotional staff, 250 yellow daffodils and 250 voucher cards that offered a complimentary Gin Spritz from any of the two Slug and Lettuces in Cardiff. The yellow daffodils are a nice touch in itself - add a free drink to the mix and it makes for a great business to consumer experience! The two promotional staff separated to different parts of Cardiff to promote and give 1 free daffodil and card to each person. Campaigns as sweet and simple as this leave a lasting impression on consumers. Opposed to a small discount, they're gifted a full beverage and left with the kind gesture of receiving a daffodil in celebration of St. David's day.

It's campaign's like these that turn potential customers and convert them into long-term customers - increasing footfall tremendously. Customers appreciate the personal approach of outgoing, professional promotional staff accompanying the complimentary goodies - and Invasion Angels deliver every time; staffing the best staff in the industry! St. David's day was a wild success and continues to be while the Slug and Lettuce continue to enjoy the increased sales from visits from the St. David's Day promotional campaign!